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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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the ten-year deal guarantees a decade of nfl labor peace. president obama says the republicans are standing in the way of a bipartisan agreement to raise our debt limit. in a national television address last night, he called on americans to contact their lawmakers to compromise for a debt ceiling compromise. >> danielle nottingham has more on the continuing standoff between the two political parties. >> president obama called for compromise in his prime time address monday night with just one week to go until the deadline to raise the debt ceiling, he's blaming republicans for the deadlock. >> a significant number of republicans in congress are insisting on a different approach. a cuts only proa. an approach that doesn't ask the wealthiest americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all. >> g.o.p. leaders argue the president is the one who won't budge. >> president wanted a blank check six months ago and he wants a blank check today. this is just not going to
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happen. >> reporter: president obama still wants the wealthiest americans to pitch in but harry reid's new proposal calls for a one-time increase of the debt limit through 2012, $2.7 trillion in spending cuts and no new taxes. republicans are pushing a two- step process, raise the debt limit enough to last through the rest of this year then form a joint committee to tackle a second increase and more spending cuts. it is not clear if either plan has enough support to pass both houses but president obama has vowed to veto any plan to raise the debt ceiling in two ways. there are real consequences if a deal isn't reached by next tuesday. the value of the u.s. dollar could take a hit and the government may not be able to pay its bills. the president urged americans to get involved. >> if you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message. >> reporter: both parties insist the country will not default on its loans.
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danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. the countdown is on until a potential traffic nightmare in virginia and maryland. >> jim moran is asking the department of defense to expedite a request to add shuttle service from the pentagon to arlington hall. about 1200 workers will be transferred there in september as part of the base realignment plan. >> in maryland, 5800 employees will move to fort meade. most work at the pentagon. dod is working out an agreement that will let riders transfer between the systems for free. the casey anthony trial has inspired a number of laws across the country in honor of her deceased daughter. caylee's law would make it a felony for a parent who fails to report their child missing within 24 hours. >> there's been an unprecedented number of e-mails asking for it. >> folks took to their
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computers for signing a petition and sending it to their state senator. >> janet howell got messages urging her to enact caylee's law. >> it is sad we would have to take that step but it just says a lot about a lot of the parents. >> casey anthony was found not guilty in her daughter's murder but guilty of lying to police. the young mother never reported 2-year-old caylee missing. the child's grandmother called police one month later. >> even to spouses that are missing to elderly that are missing. >> the movement began on sparked by one woman and now more than a million people from all across the country are on board. here at home, reaction is mixed. >> what we've learned from this case that there should be more attention, focus in that area. >> some kids may have trouble in the household and they may take off routinely for a day or two. so, when that happens, you
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know, are the parents going to be penalized for not reporting that their kids are gone? >> i think it is a little extreme to consider it a felony. >> the senator tells me during her research, she discovered "a huge gap in the code because there is no requirement for reporting missing children." >> if there is a gap, we should know it but there should not need to be any requirement because any parent will report a lost child. >> senator howell also chairs the virginia state crime commission and has asked to look into a local version of the bill which would likely be introduced in january. nearly 30 other states are considering adopting caylee's law including maryland. >> the man prosecutors call the east coast rapist may be connected to yet another attack in maryland. police have linked dna from aaron thomas to a 1999 rape in greenville. but they say more testing still needs to be done on this. through dna, thomas has already been linked to attacks on 17 other women from virginia all
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the way up to connecticut. d.c. council member harry thomas isn't saying if he'll step down but the list of people calling for his resignation is getting longer. council chairman kwame brown issued a statement which stops just short of asking thomas to resign. other council members have made similar statements. last week, thomas agreed to repay $300,000 in donations and taxpayer money which was originally meant for youth baseball. the attorney general says thomas used that money for personal expenses. thomas admits no wrongdoing. >> a montgomery county council will hold a public hearing on a bill which calls for a curfew for all minors. it would set an 11:00 p.m. curfew for anyone under 18 from sunday to thursday. on friday and saturday, the curfew would be extended by one hour. after today's hearing, the bill will move to a debate on a committee on september 15th. if it is approved, the council will vote on that bill. don't be startled if you hear some low-flying jets
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during the next few minutes. the north american airspace defense command. >> the people that track santa? >> yes, norad. >> good morning. 4:39. coming up, your local post office could soon close the doors for the last time. >> some of the world's most popular drugs will soon be able to millions of people in generic form. we'll tell you what that means for you. >> we're back with the forecast that gets you out the door. your weather first in two minutes.
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a good morning. it is 4:38. we've got still some mugginess out there. some patchy fog. that will be burning off at 7:00, 7:30. today, we'll be in the lower 90s. winds out of the west and northwest 5 to 10. lower humidity levels. high of 92, 93. it won't feel nearly as bad as it has for the past week. angie? >> thank you very much. we're looking at 267, the dulles toll road right now. in virginia, past the airport, doing just fine. lanes are wide open through herndon and reston continuing on through tysons corner. access to both loops this morning. still ahead, a look around the region. that's up in my next timesaver traffic report at 4:47. now back to you. thanks, angie. time for the first "your money" report this morning. >> jessica doyle has our financial headlines. >> good morning to both of you. as for wall street, one guess about what investors are focusing in on. >> money. >> good point. the debt ceiling, of course.
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we've got that debt ceiling deadline drawing closer august 2nd and now the international monetary fund this morning. the united states is that it must act quickly for the state to have a global equipment. if an agreement is not reached, the u.s. won't have enough money to pay all of its bills and that could have a big impact. checking the numbers, the dow stands this morning at 12,592. finished the day down 88 points in trade. nasdaq was off by 16. s&p 500. we stand by about seven and a half. the gap between those with the most and the least continues to widen. in fact, the wealth gap has grown to its widest levels in a quarter century. an analysis of census data blames the recession and uneven recovery for raise erasing decades of minority gains. today, the postal service is expected to announce it will
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study whether to close thousands of local post offices around the country. about 3600 offices are facing review, mostly located in rural areas. postal officials are looking into options for those regions. the postal service trying to cut cost lost $8 billion last year. just because it is reviewing the organizations it doesn't mean they're necessarily going to close. job hunters, we have a career fair for you this wednesday. the diversity career fair will be held between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at the tysons corner marriott. >> we're hoping folks have some options there. >> the faa shutdown means airlines no longer have to collect taxes to give to the government. >> so far that hasn't stopped most airlines from pocketing the money for a temporary profit. it's time for your united airlines travel forecast. we're looking better around here. 73. we're down to 73.
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northwesterly winds trying to bring us some drier air and visibility, 6 miles and a little haze. there is patchy fog around this morning. check it out. all of the sunshine in the midwest, chicago today, sunny, not too humid. we're in the mid-90s in kansas city. low 90s in denver with a chance of storms. phoenix going to see a chance of storms. only 99 for them. vegas, 103. gorgeous in l.a. san francisco looks great at 68. you want to cool down, go to seattle, sunny, 65.
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>> got caught in the showers yesterday. >> everybody did. >> nice though. it was nice to hear that rumble of thunder. >> the tropical rains. those things were pouring down. >> one of those times, i've seen cars pull over. wait under the overpass.
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five, ten minutes later. we don't have any of that to talk about this morning. the moisture left over has left some fog around in spots, especially north and northwest of washington this morning. we start with a look at the allergy update. because yesterday came in and grass and mold spores are still moderate. trees and weeds were low. and my wife said to me how can anything be growing the way it has been dry and hot. it is still ok. especially the mold with the moisture out and the high humidity level. as far as today's concerned, we'll have sunshine. 81 degrees at 9:00. winds northwesterly by noon. 88. drying out. less humidity. lots of sunshine. northwest to southwest winds at about 8 miles per hour with a 5:00 p.m. temperature of 92. the dew point temperatures, how much moisture is really in the air. they start to really drop off there across parts of pennsylvania and back as you get into michigan. with northwesterly winds, the lower numbers will be replacing the higher numbers. so, we should be feeling a lot better later on this afternoon.
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but as i said, we still have that low level moisture around. with the light winds and skies which have cleared north of us, we're seeing patchy, dense fog. down to 3/4 in gaithersburg. fred which can down to a half- mile. down to zero in petersburg. the mountains really feeling it. but south and southeast of town, visibility still not too bad. down to 2 miles at the airport there in tappahannock. 72 in easton this morning. in the 60s in the mountains in cumberland and oakland. winchester is 75. here in d.c., reagan national, 77 degrees. muggy with the dew point at 73 with the barometer starting to rise, fronts pushing through and the wind west-northwest at 6. it will start to bring in the drier air with that front pushing through us. we'll just push it through here and show you what's happening now. this is where the front is south and east of us now continuing to pull away. high pressure, that's up in michigan. the drier air is going to filter in. slight chance of a shower in
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the mountains later on this afternoon and if you're going down toward norfolk and down into north carolina, watch out for that. as we go through tonight into tomorrow morning, still looking good with the drier air in place. lots of shine for us on wednesday as well. both today, tomorrow, good days to go out to the pool or maybe grab a round of golf before it gets hot and humid again because as we head toward thursday, here comes a warm front back toward us. the moist air, the more humid air will start to return. showers and storms up in ohio, pennsylvania and new york. and even an isolated storm can't be ruled out here thursday or friday. but friday looks to be really hot once again as temperatures will approach that 100 degree mark. today and tomorrow, less humid. 93 today. only around 90 tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be a very nice day after being in the 60s and 70s for lows tonight. thursday, we turn hot and sticky again. slight chance of a storm. 96. friday, slight chance of an
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afternoon storm around 100 back in the mid-90s saturday. also saturday and sunday, afternoon storms. temperature saturday, sunday and monday, low to mid-90s. so, enjoy it while we can, angie. >> we will. thank you, howard. hello, everyone. we continue to keep on the green light. really right now only dealing with a little bit of that construction. green light stays on. let's move it out to wheaton. westbound university at georgia avenue. still losing a couple of left lanes. all of ts hishould be clearing by the start of the 5:00 hour. moving over to 95 headed northbound, you'll want to watch for the work zones out this way near 198 also by powder mill. 270 headed southbound, all clear right now out of frederick past 109 continuing toward germantown to the split. hey, virginia, 395 headed northbound, no problems to report. looks like your lanes are wide open. already seeing a good amount of traffic past duke street up to the 14th street bridge. 95 headed northbound before
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that to the mixing bowl, very nice and quiet. still ahead, we're taking a look at 50 in maryland. that's up in my next timesaver traffic report at 5:56. mike and surae, back to you. former interior secretary says the republican's republic land use bill is a give away of our lands. babbitt said the bill would open up 50 million public acres of public land to logging. >> babbitt says the bill repeals the 1964 wilderness act by trading the protection of wildlife habitats, clean water and clean air for corporate profits. the white house has said the president will veto the bill if it makes its way to his desk. congress can't seem to agree on a measure to keep the federal aviation administration operating. the agency actually lost its authority last friday at midnight. >> the lack of action by congress shut down dozens of airport construction projects and furloughing almost 4,000 employees. that does not include any air- traffic controllers or airline
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inspectors. but the faa also can't collect taxes on your airline tickets until it is re-authorized. that has airlines jumping at the chance to make extra money so when you're used to buying a ticket for $250 including your taxes, now the airlines are just charging that entire amount. the government estimates it was collecting about $200 million a week in taxes. money that will now go directly to the airlines. dominion power's 2.4 million customers in virginia used a record amount of electricity during last week's heat wave. the utility company supplied more than 20,000 megawatts of power from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. last friday. >> one megawatt is typically enough for 250 homes. dominion says the previous summertime record was 19,668 megawatts set in august of 2007. >> it was just that hot. >> some of the world's most popular drugs may be available to millions of people in generic form soon. >> joel brown has more on what that means for patients.
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>> nice to see you. >> 50-year-old ira testifier spends hundreds of dollars on a year on lipitor. since it is worth it to keep his cholesterol in check. >> if you take a look at my charts, all of the blood work, everything is straight down the middle. >> there will soon be a cheaper option for tepper and the more than four million americans who take lipitor. it is one of several drugs that will go generic when their drug patents expire. >> a generic drug, is in most cases, the same as the preexisting drug so we expect that it would have the same chemical formulation and the same effects. >> reporter: generic drugs can cost 20% to 80% less than brand names. doctors hope lower prices will mean more people can get the treatment they need. >> they might have been on a fixed income or could not afford the monthly payments. >> reporter: the drugs going off patent include lipitor, plavix and antidepressant
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lexapro, singulair, low vase is a and actos for diabetes. tepper suffered a stroke. he said he wouldn't be quick. >> i would switch but i would have to be assured the generic works. >> generics become available on more than 100 drugs giving patients more options. joel brown, cbs news, los angeles. >> that's pretty good news. last year, the average co-pay for generics was $6 compared to $24 for brand names. the stuff the bus campaign is underway in northern virginia. starting at 10:00 this morning, you can begin donating backpacks and school supplies at the fairfax branch of the credit union. >> similar buses will be parked outside apple federal credit union branches in loudoun, prince william and stafford counties. apple members and the public are encouraged to drop off supplies through august 9th and in fairfax and loudoun counties through august 20th and prince
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william and stafford counties. well, the annual drive for school supplies in montgomery county is now underway. yesterday at richard montgomery high school, school officials along with local businesses dropped off all of the paper, notebooks, pens and other supplies they helped collect over the summer. student volunteers will spend the next few days sorting and boxing the donations as part of their service learning project. time for a break. before we head there, let's look at the question of the morning. >> according to a recent survey, what is the most common use for a cell phone? making a call or sending a text? checking the time or c, using the internet? ponder that. we'll be right back.
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saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back. 4:55 on this tuesday morning. your weather first. patchy fog in spots as we say good-bye to the showers south and east of us. they are gone now. by 9:00, sunshine. 81 degrees. we're looking at 80s, even around 90 in frederick with lots of sunshine. humidity levels will be dropping. we'll take a fine afternoon to be outside. take the sunscreen. by 3:00, we're into the low 90s. highs today around 29, 39. angie, what's going on timesaver traffic? >> 50 in maryland. i'm happy to report it is smooth sailing right now from the bay bridge through bowie all the way to the capital beltway. we'll have more maryland roads
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for you in my next timesaver traffic report up at the start of the 5:00 hour. now back to you. today, retirees on maryland's eastern shore will help boost the chesapeake bay's oyster population. oysters they help raised in cages beneath the local pier will be moved on to a man-made reef. the reef is one of eight used to revitalize the bay's oyster population. >> well, there is some bad news though about lights in the chesapeake bay. wtop radio is reporting maryland department of natural resources as saying the dead zones in the bay are growing. dead zone is an area of water that has no oxygen. they're created but nutrient- rich pollution which fuel algae blooms. the algae die, decompose and use up the oxygen in the water. fish and crabs can move to areas where there's more oxygen. oysters can't live in an area without oxygen. michael jackson's mother and some of his siblings announce plans for a star- studded concert, october 8th
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in britain. no word yet on who's performing. organizers say tickets will go on sale next month. germane and randy jackson oppose the show because it will be held during the trial of the doctor charged in their brother's death. the broadway musical hair ended with kisses last night. three couples with ties to broadway took the stage and exchanged wedding vows. the cast of "hair" campaigned hard for same-sex marriage and celebrated the new york law that just went into effect. grammy winner amy winehouse will be laid to rest today. fans created a memorial outside her london apartment after her death on saturday. >> more tests will be done to determine what killed the troubled singer. an addiction to drugs and alcohol derailed her aspiring music career. she was 27 years old. >> winehouse's death bears similarities to several other well-known artists over the last 40 years or so.
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>> with the british media following their every move, amy winehouse's grieving parents slowly made their way around the gates of winehouse's london hope stopping to read the many cards that have been left here over the past two days. >> we're devastated. thanks for coming. >> reporter: winehouse was found dead in her bedroom on saturday. preliminary results were inconclusive but winehouse had a long history of problems with drugs and alcohol. >> problems she sang about that in that unmistakable soulful voice of hers on her break through 2006 album back to black. ♪ >> aim my winehouse was 27 at the time of her death. the same age as several other rock stars when they died. among them, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, jim morrison and most recently, kurt cobain, all talented musicians, some remarkably so and all like amy
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winehouse said to be heavy users of drugs and/or alcohol. three years ago, a former personal assistant of winehouse's told a british tabloid that the troubled singer predicted she, too, would soon join the so-called 27 club. ♪ i go back to black >> tragically, she was right. since winehouse's death, sales of her 2006 album have gone to the top of the itunes sales charts. good morning, everybody. you're watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm surae chinn in for andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. angie goff will have traffic in a moment. mr. howard bernstein, a smidge of relief on the way. good morning, my friend. >> that relief is coming in the sense of a front is pushing. drier air will be here for 36 to


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